Studio Concrete is a recording studio located in Montreal’s East end.  The Studio is equipped to record up 24 channels at one time with a 900 square foot live room and a 12 square foot iso booth. This makes it an ideal space for all recording situation from Foley, ADR sessions to tracking large ensembles. Our collection of audio gear and extensive mic locker also make it an excellent place to record over dubs or mix your track for that added bit of “album magic”.  

Studio Control Room      Studio Control Room 3

Studio Monitors and Control Room:
The control room is set up for live tracking as well as all post production editing needs. The Room was designed specifically with our pair of Westlake BBSM10 speakers in mind. They are powered by an Australian Monitor amp. The frequency response and other information on these speakers can be found in the link just below. The speakers are calibrated for the control room and give an honest and accurate assessment of the mix that will translate to other listening spaces.

 What do we have? 


Mac Pro 2016 12 gig Ram

SSL Alpha link x 24 I/O at 96k
RME Madiface

Pre Amps:
SPL Gain Station 8 MK2   x 8 channel with tube/solid state blend. 
API512c mono
VINTECH 573 (1073 Neve) mono
AUDIENT Id14 Stereo
PAIA x 2  Tube Stereo

API 525
And many in the box effects and EQs …

Outboard on rental:
We have access to some excellent outboard gear, please let us know in advance so that we can reserve them for your project.

Audient ASP-880 – 8 channel    /  30$  a day
Midas XL-42 st & EQ – st           /  35$ a day
SPL Channel One eq & comp     /  30$ a day
SPL GoldMike II (st tube)           /  20$ a day
SPL Preference Mic (stéréo)       /  20$ a day


DBX 165A stereo pair                   /  please ask
SPL Kultube                                 /  30$ a day
SPL Transpressor                        /  20$ a day


Drawmer 1961 stereo                 /  25$ a day
Empirical Labs Lil Freq stereo /  30$ a day


Piano Yamaha C7  (tuning 100$)
Fender Rhodes 73 w/h “glory mod” for easier action
Hohner Clavinet D-6
Hammond a-100 + Leslie 147 (Leslie includes ¼ inch connector for other instruments/vocals)
Moog Voyager Electric Blue

Seagull Godin acoustic
Fender Jaguar MIM
Fender Telecaster (Bigsby, upgraded PUP)
Aria Pro II ES-157  (Bigsby, Gibson 57 PUP)
Danelectro Baritone
Jazz Bass Squier with upgraded pickups and flat wound strings
Jazz Bass Fender fretless modified with P-bass option.

1961 Ludwig (3 piece kit)


Leslie 147 (leslie includes ¼ inch connector for other instruments/vocals)
Fender Bassman 1968 with custom 12×2 cab
Ampeg SVT pro III with 4×10 cab
Meazzi Ultrasonic Special Italian tape echo amp
Supreme mid 60s amps
Ampeg Jet 12 original 1963
Eden WT-400 bass/guitar amp
Traynor YGM-3 Guitar Mate amp (VOX AC30 copy)
Converted Hammond M100 amp for guitars / old school distortion


Fender Reverb Tank
Roland Space Echo RE-201 tape echo spring reverb
Echoplex EP-3
Meazzi Electromatic
Moog MF104M Stereo pair
Electro Harmonix Holiest Grail (mono to stereo)
MXR carbon copy
Empress Super Delay
BOSS digital delay DD3 / DD4
BOSS digital reverb RV-3

Blackbird tube distortion/preamp pedal (stereo)
Electro Harmonix BIG MUFF (original 1970s)
Fairfeild Circuitry Unpleasant Surprise
BOSS Super Overdrive Distortion SD-1
BOSS Distortion DS-1
BOSS Metal Zone MT-2

Electro Harmonix HO2 (synth pedal)
MF-104 moog filter pedal for guitar
Systech Phase Shifter
Roland Phase Five
Boss CE-1 Chorus Ensemble
Electro Harmonix Electric Mistress
Mu-Tron Phasor II
Mu-Tron III
Schaller Yo-yo bow wow
Whammy IV
MXR 10 band EQ pedal
Cry Baby wah wah x 2
Cry Baby Wah 535 (extended frequency)
BOSS Volume Pedal
BOSS Tremolo TR-2
BOSS Super Phaser PH-2  
MXR Phase 90
MXR analogue smart gate

BOSS Compressor Sustainer  CS-3
MXR Super Comp


Neumann M-147

AKG C414 B ULS (Stereo pair)
AKG D112
JZ Black Hole (Stereo Pair)
SM57 x 2
SM58 x1
LBM pencil neck (omni microphones great for acoustic instruments, stereo)
YAMAHA MZ102BE (57 style, larger frequency response)
AT 2020
ATM63 (57 style dynamic mic, band-pass frequency sound)
1 x 12      Reverse speaker (for low end on kick, works great)

We have access to these microphones please let us know in advance and we will reserve them for your session.
Neumann U47fet                              /  50$ a day
Neumann U87 (mulit patrn)          /  50$ a day
Neumann KM-150 (hypercard)     /  30$ a day
Neumann KM84i (cardioid)           /  35$ a day
Neumann KM-184 (cardioid)         /  25$ a day
Neumann KMS105 (hypercard)    /  30$ a day
Neumann TLM49 (cardioid)          /  35$ a day
Neumann TLM103 (cardioid)        /  25$ a day
COLE 4040 ribbon                           /  35$ a day
DPA 4006 Omni (A&K)                   /  35$ a day
DPA ST4015C (stereo)                     /  70$ a day
DPA 4090                                        /  50$ a day
ELECTROVOICE RE-20                    /  15$ a day
LAUTEN AUDIO Horizon (Tube)    /  30$ a day
SHURE SM7                                   /  15$ a day
AKG C-426 stereo pair                  /  60$ a day
AKG C3918B                                   /  30$ a day
AKG 451E / EB                                /  15$ a day
SEINHEISER MD421U                    /  30$ a day